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Welcome to the home of MetaPets™ —

A limited NFT collection where the token itself gives you the opportunity to experience a Wizarding World, dig deep and select the creature you would like to hang out with!


The Drop

June 1st, 2022 7:00 PM EST

1111 Unique MetaPets™ — NFT Collection,

Valuable digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain and in the future Metaverse 

Meet Some of The Creatures

Our Vision

Our design approach is the right balance between valuable and creative reaching for the extraordinary. We're here for the long run and we've set up some goals,

take a look at what we are building!



MetaPets™ 1st Collection 👾

Our first Collection of 1111 Unique hand-made MetaPets are ready to come out to the world! We have special surprises lined up for the owners of this Mega Collection. 


Develop "MetaPets Land"

in the Metaverse 🌐

We are in it to win it! We have begun the design stage for"MetaPets Land"

our mission:

"To create a Wizarland Universe for all ages" 

You're not just buying an NFT, you're gaining Membership Access to the Kingdom.


Position MetaPets as Top NFT Collections 2023 🥇

We can only get here with your support and our marketing expertise.

We are set to build the right partnerships and deliver much more than expected. Well, that's pretty much what we are known for!


Branch Out 🚀

We have MEGA plans for MetaPets, the passion behind this project is the endless possibility to create. And yes, we are talking about an entire Virtual Experience: Gaming, Owning Land, and other things you're just not ready to hear yet!


Whitelist Registration

Hello guys! Due to current market status and conditions, we have decided to postpone our drop. Fear not, this gives us more time to work on new utilities that will benefit us all! Stay tuned for more updates!

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